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Jan 26, 2022
Joined Polywork
Looking for work
Hi Polywork fam, I'm a self taught frontend developer from Angola. Currently looking for opportunities in the job market 
Completed a project
Built UI components
Got out of tutorial hell
+ 1
With all the hyper going around the Wordle game, I though that it will be a good project to apply my JavaScript skills and get out of tutorial hell.
So, after 10 days and 57 commits later, here it is. My version of the Worlde game:  https://github.com/utkarsh1311/wordle-clone

This was really a fun project to work on. Learnt a lot about DOM manipulation in JS. Also used the new fetch API to fetch words from a `words.json` file. 
I am also thinking about writing a blog post about the process of building this game and what struggles I faced. 
Working on new .net core app
Wrote a New API
Building a .net core web app with multiple APIs.  
Jan 26, 2022
Published a project
Contributed to open source
Built a feature
+ 1
Released a new version of my open-source dart project.

Writing a tutorial
With Discord.js
Used the Notion API
Published an article
Used NodeJs
+ 3
I wrote a tutorial on how to create a Discord bot to save Discord messages as Notion notes, when an Admin greenlights them with an emoji ✍

Started 11 minutes ago
Looking for developers

Looking for Backend Developer (Salary + Equity) (Full-time + Remote)

Shortcast (https://short-cast.club/) is Twitter for audio. A social micro podcast app that lets you share your thoughts, ideas, and more in 99 seconds or less as well as discover and engage with audio stories from interesting people around the world.

Shortcast is looking for backend developer for the  full-time role:
  • Proficient in Django, Python, and Node.JS 
  • Has an understanding and experience with AWS 
  • Has an entrepreneurial mindset and can take up responsibility. - 2-3 years of experience in the relevant field. 
Ping me on DM with your project links/ resume (not GitHub links) or email me at bk@short-cast.club

We don't hire based on your degree. Your potential as an individual and as a key team member at Shortcast is what we look for in the candidate. 

Please help reach out and connect to the right match for the above roles in your network.